Advanced Remote Deposit Capture Solutions

Streamline Check Processing with
Advanced Remote Deposit Capture Solutions

Streamline your check-based A/R processes with a seamlessly integrated, flexible RDC/mRDC solutions that can centralize not only your check processing operations, but ultimately, any payment method (ACHdebit/credit card, cash), all on a single platform.

The ETran Integrated Receivables Platform by FTNI is cloud-based and ideal for businesses with one or many locations, divisions, brands or payment channels. ETran's Advanced RDC Module conveniently supports centralized or distributed check processing environments (including mobile RDC) via a single, easy-to-use, user interface. And, it enables efficient integration with your back-office accounting systems, banking institution(s) and virtually any check scanner or mobile device based on your scanning needs.

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“We needed the ability to not only process check-based donation payments faster, but also ensure that we are able to efficiently and accurately update our back-office systems so that we can maximize donor engagement and appreciation. ETran’s advanced RDC and back-office posting solutions have helped us to do just that.”    

Elizabeth Hefner, Director of Advancement

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How It Works 

Easily and affordably deployed, configured and supported RDC solutions help you accelerate check and remittance acceptance, processing and posting.

Utilize the capabilities of a truly integrated receivables RDC solution by managing all desktop and mobile checks and remittance documents from a single, SaaS user interface.

ETran advanced RDC uses MICR matching technology to automatically match MICR line data on checks and associate the payment with customer accounts. 

By automatically matching incoming checks and remittance documents scanned into the ETran software to customer accounts, traditionally manual, time-consuming A/R tasks are streamlined, and new workflow automations allow for time to be spent on higher value functions in your internal operations.

ETran RDC utilizes Intelligent Invoice Matching and Electronic Invoice Presentment/Payment (EIPP) to match check payments to outstanding customer invoices. 

By bringing in a file feed of all your outstanding invoices and customer information, ETran advanced RDC is able to automatically match incoming check payments to customer invoices, reducing the time your A/R team spends on matching data. 

You are able to seamlessly view and manage all payments and customer data by streamlining check-based receivables processes on a single, cloud-based platform. 

The advanced RDC solution is fully agnostic with your existing check scanner, banking institution(s) and back-office system(s). 

You are able to easily route transactions through any check scanning hardware, transmit the payments to one or multiple banking settlement accounts for deposit, and post the remittance detail to any back-office system in either batch or real-time for straight through processing.

ETran accelerates clearing and funds via same day deposits and reduces the operational costs and processing administration by automating traditionally manual processes.

ETran allows you to easily support and deploy centralized or distributed check processing environments via a single, cloud-based user-interface.

Advanced RDC is completely configurable and customizable at the user-level allowing for workflow automation based on business rules defined by you to streamline daily operations. 

You also have the ability to configure customer data by up to 20 configurable data elements for automated posting processes. 

Boost Your Check Processing


Securely accept checks, ACH and credit card payments in the field via the ETran Mobile app.


Efficiently and affordably deployed RDC solutions to help you accelerate check and remittance processing.


Lockbox solutions that provide the flexibility to streamline the processing of all lockbox remittance items.


Flexible integration with any back-office system, in either batch or real-time, to automate cash application. 

Discover Truly Integrated Receivables

Unlike a dashboard that only displays transactions from disparate receivables systems, a truly integrated receivables platform accepts, processes and posts any payment type—check, ACH/EFT, credit card, debit card, cash—via any payment channel—mailed-in, lockbox, called-in, in-person, online, mobile—on a single, secure (and compliant), SaaS platform. 

Many companies struggle with inefficient, expensive—and many times disparate—receivables systems and processes. Core to those A/R processes is check processing and cash application.

ETran's advanced RDC modules deliver the ability to scan checks and remittance advices while seamlessly viewing, associating and storing all account and payment information in a highly secure (and compliant), central location.

FTNI's integrated receivables platform, ETran, is a cloud-based, desktop solution that streamlines A/R operations by allowing internal teams to have complete oversight of all incoming payment data for review, processing and posting into your back-office system(s).

ETran is agnostic by design, maximizing flexibility and scalability by being compatible with your existing bank(s), merchant processor, back-office systems, and check scanning hardware.

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