Advanced Remote Deposit Capture Solutions

Boost Your Check Processing with Enhanced Remote Deposit Capture Features & Functionality

While the future of how we manage and process payments is undoubtedly trending towards electronic methods and channels, check processing is—and will continue to be—the foundation of accounts receivable (A/R) operations. Regardless of the increased use of online and digital channels, used by large and small businesses, consumers and banks; the oversight, management, deposit, and posting of paper checks is key to receivable operations.

Accelerate and automate your check-based A/R requirements with seamlessly integrated, flexible remote deposit capture (RDC) and mobile remote deposit capture (mRDC) applications that can centralize not only your check processing operations, but also, any payment method (debit/credit card, check, cash, and ACH transactions)—all from a single, cloud-based platform. 

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ETran by FTNI

FTNI's ETran platform is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), modular solution suite ideal for businesses with one or many locations, divisions, brands, or channels. ETran's remote deposit system conveniently supports centralized and distributed check management environments (including mRDC) via a single, easy-to-use interface. And, it enables efficient integration with any market accounting system(s), banks, and virtually any check image/RDC scanner or mobile device as a result of your scanning needs.

With the option to accept, process, post and deposit checks from a single platform, you are able to streamline your receivables by saving time across your organization with faster check processing.

No more tedious trips to the bank for manual check deposits. No more sending and receiving paper checks in the mail from your customers. And, no more manual data entry and accounts receivable conversions for your internal team. Discover truly integrated receivables remote deposit capture (RDC) solutions to streamline and accelerate your A/R operations today. 

Smarter RDC: Advanced Remote Deposit Capture for Your Business

Easily and affordably deployed, implemented and configured remote deposit capture solutions to help you receive, process, post and apply all captured check and remittance items.

ETran's enhanced desktop and mobile remote deposit capture modules help to streamline the RDC process by being able to electronically scan and upload check images to the ETran user interface for processing and digital deposit—all with the added benefit and convenience of automated cash application into your back-office system(s).

ETran Mobile is seamlessly integrated with the Advanced Remote Deposit Capture module, helping you to unlock the power of mobile check acceptance and deposit services. Adding the advantages of mobile check processing delivers team members with the strategic goal of simplifying all receivables on a single platform. 

ETran’s Mobile RDC (mRDC) capabilities enable your business to securely accept check payments in the field either via a fully-hosted, stand-alone app (iOS and Android), or by integrating our mobile SDKs into your own Android or iOS mobile application on your smartphones.

Utilize the capabilities of truly integrated remote deposit capture technology by managing all desktop and mobile checks and remittance documents from a single, SaaS interface. ETran's remote deposit capture products use magnetic ink character recognition (MICR) matching and optical character recognition (OCR) technology to automatically read and match MICR line, account number, and dollar amount data on checks to customer account information.

By automatically matching incoming checks and remittance documents scanned into the ETran software to customer accounts, manual, error-prone A/R controls are accelerated, and new workflow automations allow for time to be spent on higher value functions in your internal operations.

ETran's RDC service utilizes Intelligent Invoice Matching and Electronic Invoice Presentment/Payment (EIPP) to match checks to outstanding customer invoices for convenient, hassle-free clearing and processing of original checks and associated remittance images.

By bringing in a file feed of all your outstanding invoices and customer information, ETran is able to automatically match incoming physical checks to the dollar amount associated with invoices, as well as customer account information, based upon workflows and rules set up during implementation, reducing the time your A/R team spends on matching data. 

ETran is fully agnostic and works with your existing desktop scanner, banking and financial institutions, and back-end system(s). You are able to easily route transactions through any check scanning hardware, transmit the payments to one or multiple banking settlement accounts for deposit, and post the remittance detail to any back-end accounting system in either batch or real-time for straight through processing.

ETran accelerates the clearing of funds that the bank receives via same business day electronic deposits (with no deposit thresholds or retention period) and reduces the operational costs and processing administration by automating traditionally manual, complex reporting tasks. You can determine the cutoff time for deposit of the check 21 file at your bank(s), as long as it agrees with your bank's terms. All check payments will be lump sum deposited as the check 21 file, and you will have funds availability within one business day. ETran is also capable of receiving returned items, having them cleared electronically, and sending the checks back to the bank for deposit.

ETran allows you to easily support and deploy centralized or distributed check processing environments via a single, cloud-based user-interface to accelerate the RDC process across all customers. 

ETran's Advanced Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) services are completely configurable at the user-level allowing for workflow automation based on business rules defined by you to streamline daily operations. You also have the ability to configure customer data by up to 20 configurable elements for automated posting processes, as well as the ability to configure reports based on your A/R needs including: payment date, deposits, running transaction log, and other general client and transactional information.

ETran's desktop and mobile remote deposit capture services continue our strategic mission of delivering truly integrated receivables solutions that seamlessly integrate with any back-end system in either batch or real-time to streamline and automate the applying process.

By building and keeping trusted partnerships with your technology/service provider—that provides automated posting services—you are able to speed your business' collection rates and A/R requirements, all from a single, cloud-based RDC system.

Reduce risk and enable enhanced security and privacy. With ETran's cloud-based architecture, you get the unique benefits of multiple layers of compliance beyond just the basic requirements.

First, you'll gain PCI and HIPAA compliance directly at the ETran site layer. Second, you'll benefit from industry-leading proactive secure requirements and an additional layer of regulations (PCI, HITRUST/HIPPA, SSAE16 and more). For more information, visit our service provider, Armor.

Add RDC Efficiency to Your Receivables Mix


RDC Systems & Services

Efficiently and affordably deployed remote deposit systems to help you accelerate the acceptance, management, deposit and reporting of RDC customers' paper checks across your A/R organization.


Mobile Check Capture

Securely accept business customers' checks, as well as ACH and credit/debit cards, in the field via ETran Mobile from virtually any smartphone or device—all with seamless integration into the ETran platform.


Flexible Lockbox Solutions

Lockbox solutions that provide the flexibility to streamline the acceptance and deposit of all lockbox remittance items, regardless of in-house or outsourced services from your bank/financial institution.


Automate Cash Application

Flexible, seamless integration with any accounting/ERP/CRM systems, in either batch or real-time, to automate the applying of payment details in total—transmitted across all methods and channels.

Optimized Mobile Device

Seamlessly Integrated Mobile Remote Deposit Capture (mRDC)

No longer solely a consumer-focused digital deposit channel, mobile remote deposit capture (mRDC) provides your A/R organization with the convenience to quickly and securely receive and deposit customer checks on the spot—all with a quick photo of the front and back of the check from your smartphone camera.

FTNI's ETran Mobile app benefits from seamless integration with ETran's Advanced RDC services, so internal users have complete oversight and an all-access view of all incoming funds from remote locations, from a single, unified interface.

ETran Mobile delivers the ability to receive checks, as well as credit card/ACH transactions, via a user-friendly, secure mobile app—available on any Android/iOS smartphone or device. And going beyond the traditional consumer banking app, the mobile RDC services are fully agnostic. Agnostic by design, all modules across ETran integrate with any bank and merchant processor relationships, market accounting systems and desktop scanners. For additional information, download our Mobile Payments eBook today.

Advanced Remote Deposit Capture Powering In-House & Outsourced Lockbox

FTNI's ETran Advanced Remote Deposit Capture solution is a fully-integrated, RDC system that can be used as the engine of internal lockbox operations. For example, ETran is currently used to drive lockbox operations at firms managing as little as a few thousand checks/remittance documents per month to powering lockbox operations taking nearly 1 million checks and associated original items monthly.

ETran can also be used to bridge the gap between your outsourced lockbox service provider's (bank's) feed and your systems. Along with the benefits of outsourcing your lockbox operations, there can also be some common 'headaches'. One of the most common is having to deal with receiving limited remittance data that many times still has to be manually reviewed, entered and uploaded into your accounting systems. Discover ETran by FTNI to streamline your lockbox and check clearing operations.


RDC Resources + More Content

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eBook: Remote Deposit Capture (RDC)

This eBook is written for businesses of any size that want to save costs and time by streamlining accounts receivable processes, eliminating wasted manual effort, mitigating risks with physical checks, and, best of all, decreasing the time it takes to get your money deposited at the bank.

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IR Spotlight: Rural Mutual Insurance

In this episode of FTNI's True Integrated Receivables Spotlight Series, Zac Robinson, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at FTNI, discusses Rural Mutual Insurance's adoption of  Mobile RDC and the benefits it has delivered, with Theresa Bollig, Director of Customer Service at Rural Mutual Insurance.

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Demo: ETran RDC Overview

Watch the ETran RDC demo today and learn how FTNI's Advanced RDC solutions ensure the ability to scan and deposit checks while seamlessly viewing, associating and storing all customer account information in a central, secure location. With FTNI's RDC products, checks are processed in a single pass.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Remote Deposit Capture

Unlike a dashboard that only displays transactions from disparate receivables systems, a truly integrated receivables platform accepts, processes and posts any payment type—check, ACH transactions, credit card, debit card, cash—via any payment channel—lockbox (mail), called-in, in-person, online, mobile—on a single, secure (and compliant), SaaS platform. 

By utilizing RDC applications and other integrated receivables modules, you are able to reduce the amount of time spent on manual data entry duties and allow your internal team to minimize their efforts processing physical checks. Deliver your customers and A/R organization with true integrated receivables. 

It's no secret that many companies, across numerous industries, struggle with inefficient, expensive—and often times disparate—remote deposit services and systems. Core to A/R operations and management, check processing is responsible for a large portion of businesses' incoming payments. Businesses need a way to automate and accelerate paper-based receivables to keep up with an ever-evolving receivables landscape.

ETran's Advanced RDC module delivers businesses with the ability to scan checks and remittance advices while seamlessly viewing, associating and storing all account information and scanned images in a highly secure (and compliant), central location. A/R team members are able to boost check processing by automatically accepting, reporting and depositing items in one seamless movement (i.e. straight through processing)—all from a bank, check scanner and accounting system agnostic platform. 

A truly integrated mobile check capture solution goes beyond the traditional mobile banking apps by delivering the ability to automate your receivables processes from acceptance to posting. By implementing mobile remote deposit capture technology into your receivables mix, you will discover a host of benefits. 

As adoption grows across your business and users, you will be able to deliver a better, quicker and more secure paying experience for your customers. You will also be able to automate and accelerate your receivables processes by accepting check payments in the field, relieving your back-office team from handling any incoming checks. Ultimately, you will benefit from a quicker turn around time for check processing and automated cash application—all from a single, unified interface.

FTNI's integrated receivables platform, ETran, is a cloud-based, desktop software solution that streamlines A/R operations by allowing internal teams to have complete oversight of all incoming money data to review, process and post into your back-office system(s). ETran is also agnostic by design, maximizing flexibility and scalability by being compatible with your existing bank, merchant processor, back-end systems, and desktop scanner.

ETran's cloud-based, artificial intelligence architecture provides multiple layers of serious security and compliance to protect your business' and customers' data. No hardware needs to be launched on-site—all RDC services are handled on the cloud-based platform.

Unlike traditional check deposit services from most banks and financial institutions, enhanced remote deposit capture options process payments and deposit checks from businesses' RDC customers in a timely manner with the added benefit of automatically clearing the remittance detail to post into your back-end system(s). 

Check handling associated with bank operations typically lacks the basic requirements and additional functionality to handle large volumes of paper checks while simultaneously applying and posting all payment data. With Advanced RDC technology, checks are processed electronically from a single interface with the capability to make multiple deposits to different settlement accounts and post to any back-office accounting system on the same business day. An advanced remote deposit solution saves time, costs, reduces risk, and ultimately, creates a more efficient A/R operations for your organization. 

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