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Mr. Matis brings over 25 years of financial and operational management experience to the company. Prior to founding FTNI, Mr. Matis was a co-founder of L&M Energy Partners, LLC., where he designed and rolled-out the company’s Automated Contract Tracking Software utilized by customers throughout the U.S. From 1999 to 2003, Mr. Matis was the Chief Financial Officer of R.J. Thompson Holdings (RJT), which was acquired by TD Waterhouse. Before his time at RJT, Mr. Matis worked for Data Transmission Network Corporation (DTN) as Director of Finance. Mr. Matis received his B.S.B.A from the University of Nebraska at Omaha with majors in Finance and Banking, and his MBA from Creighton University, for which he was inducted into the Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society. Mr. Matis holds a CPA certificate with the State of Nebraska and is a member of the AICPA and the Nebraska Society of CPAs.
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The Payments Problem: Streamlining Has Led to Siloing

Part 1 of the 3-part True Straight Through Blog Series

Here at FTNI, we’ve been in a lot of conversations lately discussing how siloed the payments space has become. With technological advances in mobile and online payments over the last decade, companies have had to stretch their capabilities to keep up, offering customers multiple different ways to pay. This is great news for customers, but it’s been a struggle to manage multiple, disparate payment platforms and the manual processes created as a result. Integrating the various technologies used for accounts receivables (AR) is a bit of a monster, frankly.

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The Path to B2B Mobile Payments: Compliance, Security and More

Whether you’re one of the world’s largest corporations, a small Internet store or somewhere in between, doing business online is a requirement in today’s connected economy—B2B organizations are no longer the exception. And making the leap from online business to mobile business is increasingly a priority as business customers expect the companies they interact with to make the move to mobile right alongside them.

For most businesses, however, making the move to mobile is proving a bit more complicated than it might have first sounded. Taking your business mobile is about more than creating a cool app to sell your products and services, it’s about invoicing, electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP) and 24/7 account management. It’s about doing all that safely and securely while offering a great end user experience.

Mobile also means customers can do business with you around the clock…from anywhere, on any smart device. What better way to grow your business even while you sleep, right? Yet mobile business is more likely to keep you up at night given all the headlines around security, online fraud, identify theft, data breaches and the explosion of malware threats.

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Moving Payments to the Cloud

Today’s growing portfolio of payment channels continues to add new levels of complexity to payment processing—often requiring systems from multiple vendors. As a result of all these disparate, siloed bill payment systems, companies are wasting billions of dollars each year.

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It’s Time to Streamline Your Check Processing

Once upon a time, when a customer decided to pay with a check, the business receiving their payment would deliver that check to their bank for manual processing. Upon receiving the customer’s paper check from the business, the bank would then verify funds, process the payment, and deposit the funds into the business account. The merchant would then wait for the funds to clear. This process was very time consuming and often took several days to complete.

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Overview of Integrated Payment Processing … and Why You Should Care

What is Integrated Payment Processing?

Integrated payment processing solutions offer your business the ability to combine payment processing features with other tools you currently use. This means you can integrate payment functions with your accounting system or other business applications, such as your current customer relationship management (CRM) system, in order to eliminate duplicate data entry, streamline accounting processes, and increase accuracy and efficiency.

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Important Advantages of Straight-Through Processing

Straight Through Processing (STP) is the latest trend in payment processing for financial services companies, merchants and businesses.

With traditional payment processing, a single transaction is typically handled by several different people and involves multiple steps. With STP, the entire process all the way to final settlement is entirely automated. STP means businesses can process remittances faster, cheaper and easier.

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Technology spotlight: MICR check matching

FTNI’s ETran solution offers a unique and time-saving MICR (magnetic ink character recognition) matching tool that can be used by any business that receives checks from the same payers on a monthly basis (examples include loan processors, insurance agencies, nonprofit agencies, etc.). MICR check matching collects account information and reduces manual processing time. So what is MICR and how does FTNI’s matching tool work?

MICR verifies the originality of checks and other paper documents. Characters in the MICR line on the bottom of the check are printed with special ink that is sensitive to magnetic fields. The characters on the MICR line usually include the bank code, account number, check number, check amount and a control indicator. MICR characters can be manually read, but the technology also allows software that can read MICR to scan the information directly.

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Hidden Fees in Credit Card Processing Services

If you accept credit cards, you work with a processing service to ensure that the consumer or client’s account is charged and that you receive your payment. It seems like a pretty straightforward process, but there are four parties involved with the credit card transaction. Understanding how credit card processing services work and how you can save money is important.

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FTNI at 2014 IASA Annual Educational Conference and Business Show

The Insurance Industry’s Premier Event for Accounting & Technology Systems

The 2014 IASA Annual Educational Conference and Business Show is next week from June 8th to 11th in Indianapolis, IN. The event will be taking place at both the Indianapolis Convention Center, where the business show, general sessions, keynotes, and technical sessions will take place, and the Indianapolis Marriott Downtown, where the Executive Education Roundtable events are being held.

FTNI is attending, and we looking forward to seeing you there. We will be exhibiting in Booth 1534 at the Business Show. Come visit to watch a demonstration of ETran, our user-friendly, cloud-based platform solution that streamlines your entire receivables process from end to end.

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