A Distributor's Commitment to Doing ‘Whatever it Takes’ Improves Accounts Receivables Efficiencies and Customer Service

Tankersley Foodservice is committed to doing “Whatever it Takes” for customers. That includes offering an array of payment options and assurances that payments get posted to accounts quickly and efficiently within their back-office system. By implementing an integrated receivables solution, Tankersley has been able to stay true to that mission while driving significant internal efficiencies.

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Leveraging RDC to Prepare for the Future and Optimize the Present

Checks may not be the next new thing—in fact, check use is on the decline—but believe it or not, remote deposit capture (RDC) can help you drive strategic integration and streamline receivables processes within your organization.

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Leveraging RDC to Smooth The Path to Straight Through Processing

Originally published in Payments Business Magazine (May/June 2015 Issue)

Integrated Systems Lead to Faster Reconciliation of Checks, Which Means Lower Costs and Speedier Remittance

I am waiting for the day when I can pay for everything—groceries, trips, my mortgage—by waving my hand over a sensor on my watch. We’re moving in that direction; at some point, as the cost of smart phones drops and the technology for mobile payments catches up to consumers, technology will advance to the point that both making payments and reconciling remittances become swift and painless.

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Donation Processing Success Story to be Showcased at Nonprofit Technology Conference

NTEN’s 2015 Nonprofit Technology Conference Brings Nonprofits and Providers Together to Explore How Technology Impacts Organizational Effectiveness in the Nonprofit Sector

The nonprofit sector has been growing steadily over the past decade as new charities, foundations and causes are popping up to serve growing segments of the population, including the aging, under-privileged and lower income groups.

According to the Urban Institute, nonprofits out-paced for-profit businesses in their percentage growth in hiring, wages and contribution to the gross domestic product (GDP). Not putting aside their altruistic missions and dedicated volunteers, that means there’s plenty of reason to pay close attention to this influential industry segment. But with rapid industry growth comes a host of growing pains, many of which impact nearly every size and type of nonprofit organization.

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It’s Time to Streamline Your Check Processing

Once upon a time, when a customer decided to pay with a check, the business receiving their payment would deliver that check to their bank for manual processing. Upon receiving the customer’s paper check from the business, the bank would then verify funds, process the payment, and deposit the funds into the business account. The merchant would then wait for the funds to clear. This process was very time consuming and often took several days to complete.

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