Analyzing and Selecting E-invoicing Solutions

Paper is passé. Savvy business people understand that paper pushing is inefficient and expensive. They are also coming to realize the myriad of benefits that result from electronic accounts receivable operations. A number of case studies have shown e-invoicing can lead to savings of as much as 80% in invoice processing costs.

You don’t have to be a genius to figure out what an up to 80% reduction in your invoice processing costs can do for your bottom line. Savings like that make it obvious why so many businesses today are investing in innovative e-invoicing solutions.

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How to Save Money & Speed Cash Flow with Web-Based Invoicing

Are you still printing and mailing invoices to your customers? How many times do you hear from some of them that they either never received the invoice or they sent a check already, yet you haven’t received it. Things do get lost in the mail, but your companies bills always seem to make it to you on time. Waiting on the postal system to get your invoices to your customers, and then get payments back to you, is tedious and unreliable.

All of this equates to time, money, overhead and patience. Most of these are luxuries that today’s businesses don’t always have. Wouldn’t you rather see that money stay with your company and spend the time further developing your business?

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What You Need to Know about Electronic Invoice Presentment

Invoice presentment, also called e-invoicing or electronic billing, is essentially sending invoices to clients and vendors electronically to expedite the payment process. As simple as that sounds, there are many different processes by which an invoice can be presented to a customer or vendor, and many ways that an invoice may be paid.

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