How to Save Money & Speed Cash Flow with Web-Based Invoicing

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Updated Payments Blog ImageAre you still printing and mailing invoices to your customers? How many times do you hear from some of them that they either never received the invoice or they sent a check already, yet you haven’t received it. Things do get lost in the mail, but your companies bills always seem to make it to you on time. Waiting on the postal system to get your invoices to your customers, and then get payments back to you, is tedious and unreliable.

All of this equates to time, money, overhead and patience. Most of these are luxuries that today’s businesses don’t always have. Wouldn’t you rather see that money stay with your company and spend the time further developing your business?

FTNI provides a faster, easier, less expensive, automated way to make sure your customers get invoices in a timely manner and you get paid quickly, while reducing the amount of time required managing both. FTNI’s web-based invoicing system provides some of the most advanced features on the market, saving you money and time in developing, printing and mailing invoices. You also save time on payment and receivables processing, and you acquire many features that are simply just not available with traditional invoicing.

For instance, your customers can pay directly from the invoice. Using our secure platform and technology, your customers can pay their invoice directly over the web. Not only will you receive payments faster, but your customers can select to make partial payments (if you allow it), set-up recurring payments and process payments using a variety of payment types and methods. Since the system employs top security practices, your customers also gain peace-of-mind knowing their private information stays private.

You get something that a paper invoice cannot provide as well: information. You receive updates on invoice status, receipt and payment, and can decide the frequency of reporting and delegate who receives these notifications. You can also customize the types of receipts that your customers receive.

FTNI’s web-based invoicing platform can increase productivity and automation in your accounting system too. Our web invoicing system creates a file on your daily transactions regardless of the method of payment. You can upload this file directly into your accounting system to update your records with ease. No more data entry by hand. You also have full search and reporting capabilities directly on the platform that can provide immediate additional information. No more hunting down invoices in filing cabinets or stacks of mail.

FTNI provides one of the most flexible and accessible web-based invoicing systems on the market. The many advantages of saving money, speeding payments, accessing data and monitoring the receivables process makes our web-based invoicing presentment system a valuable component to any company’s receivables practices. To find out more or get started, contact us today!


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