5 Ways to Unlock the Power of B2B Mobile Payments

Let’s face it, the traditional processes surrounding the processing and management of business-to-business accounts receivable are slow, inefficient and expensive. But both times and technology are changing, giving businesses an opportunity to revamp their processes to be more effective and efficient than ever before.

With consumer reliance on mobile technology growing by the day, combined with increased mobile adoption by businesses, mobile is the next great wave of payment technology adoption for traditional business receivables. By 2016, business mobile usage is expected to be 13 times greater than it is today.

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Adding Remote Deposit Capture to the Bank Reseller Offering

With more budget cuts across the board for all different types of financial organizations, there is a growing trend to devise alternative methods that will assist in streamlining the decreasing availability of funds, while working to continue to operate efficiently and effectively.

Too often organizations are finding such drastic budget cuts as a crippling necessity just to keep the doors open – much like putting a band-aid on the problem, when major surgery is what is needed. And to be realistic, a band-aid will not cover up major budget ‘cuts’.

What is needed here for bank resellers is to think outside the box – inward, and cease doing business the old fashion way. Many organizations have jumped on the marketing wagon, helping to increase visibility to generate revenue, but what if they were to think ‘inside’ the box – making improvements from the inside out to help elevate some budget short falls?

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