From the Front Lines: Three Steps to Achieve Straight-Through Processing Leveraging RDC, EIPP and Recurring Payments on a Truly Integrated Receivables Platform

Remote deposit capture (RDC) of checks has many benefits—not least, reducing the manual labor required for processing, and ultimately posting checks into the appropriate back-office systems. That, in turn, can save you money. When you automate check processing using RDC, it’ll cost you between 10 and 20 cents per transaction (depending on monthly volumes)—significantly less than the $1 to $2 (or more) per transaction that traditional outsourced lockbox processing can cost.   Read More

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FTNI In the News: A Guide to Remote Deposit Capture Solutions

Originally published on on 3/30/17.
There is no one set of criteria for businesses to use in assessing remote deposit capture. In this, the first in a series of articles, we offer key considerations and guidance for businesses interested in RDC solutions.
What are businesses looking for from RDC solutions? It depends on who you ask.
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FTNI In the News: New Partnership Brings AR Automation to Horicon Bank Clients

Originally published on on 2/22/17.

Horicon Bank and Financial Transmission Network, better known as FTNI, are partnering up to help streamline the accounts receivable process for corporates.

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Moving Beyond Silos for AR Management

Originally published on on 4/1/2016.

In managing accounts receivables, corporate banking has been marked by inefficient processes and a “silo mentality.” FTNI, in a recent e-Book, offered up a roadmap toward embracing the cloud to eliminate isolated systems and processes.

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The Growing Need for True Integrated Receivables Solutions

Believe it or not, people (and companies) are still using checks to pay their bills. In fact, in 2014, 93 percent of checks deposited as images came from business customers.¹

The time-tested routine of invoice and check within traditional accounts receivables (AR) processes has officially been disrupted as the world races towards electronic payments. Disrupted, yes. Dying, perhaps. But not dead.

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Leveraging RDC to Prepare for the Future and Optimize the Present

Checks may not be the next new thing—in fact, check use is on the decline—but believe it or not, remote deposit capture (RDC) can help you drive strategic integration and streamline receivables processes within your organization.

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Leveraging RDC to Smooth The Path to Straight Through Processing

Originally published in Payments Business Magazine (May/June 2015 Issue)

Integrated Systems Lead to Faster Reconciliation of Checks, Which Means Lower Costs and Speedier Remittance

I am waiting for the day when I can pay for everything—groceries, trips, my mortgage—by waving my hand over a sensor on my watch. We’re moving in that direction; at some point, as the cost of smart phones drops and the technology for mobile payments catches up to consumers, technology will advance to the point that both making payments and reconciling remittances become swift and painless.

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Simplifying Receivables in the Cloud: 2 Real-World Examples

US companies are wasting $1 billion each year because their receivables and payment processing systems are siloed and overly complex. It’s a grim picture, and it’s not improving nearly as fast as it could be. In the burgeoning digital age, consumers have come to expect rapid, personalized experiences in every aspect of their lives, from ordering groceries online to paying their bills. Companies, wanting to delight their customers, have responded by adding different platforms to their accounts receivables (AR) systems: ACH, pay by phone, you name it.

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The Payments Solution: Straight Through Processing

Part 2 of the 3-part True Straight Through Blog Series

To sum up the payments problem: Clients are using multiple payment types (check, ACH, credit card) to cater to customers, and they’re using multiple technologies from different third-party vendors (check scanning, auto-ACH, web, mobile) to streamline receivables. The resulting mash-up of different systems and legacy software results in increased complexity, inefficiencies with separate file integrations, reporting, reconciliation points, and costs for maintenance, training, and support. The payments industry has siloed what it wanted to streamline.

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The Payments Problem: Streamlining Has Led to Siloing

Part 1 of the 3-part True Straight Through Blog Series

Here at FTNI, we’ve been in a lot of conversations lately discussing how siloed the payments space has become. With technological advances in mobile and online payments over the last decade, companies have had to stretch their capabilities to keep up, offering customers multiple different ways to pay. This is great news for customers, but it’s been a struggle to manage multiple, disparate payment platforms and the manual processes created as a result. Integrating the various technologies used for accounts receivables (AR) is a bit of a monster, frankly.

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