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8 Corporate Money Tips & Tricks To Get You Paid

Slow collections on corporate receivables can cost your business big money. The expenses incurred due to poor cash flow, wasted labor and inaccurate financial projections build over time and can add up to a significant loss in revenue.

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How Simple Email Receipts Can Drive More Revenue and Business

grow revenue with email receiptsWe all know the touted bonuses of email receipts – they’re environmentally friendly, more convenient for the customer, and they eliminate the clutter and hassle of paper. Savvy businesses recognize that offering email receipts is a great way to build their mailing lists – but what many merchants have failed to realize is that email receipts offer an excellent opportunity to continue engaging the customer.

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Will Mobile Payments Overtake Credit and Debit? What Your Business Needs to Know.

A successful business actively sells what they believe is the best product or service currently available. A successful business with longevity is also focused on innovating the next best product to meet their customers’ needs. Visionary companies see what is coming down the road in technology and consumer demand, anticipate the solution, and develop the best, most sustainable product. FTNI keeps a keen eye on the future and a finger on the pulse of the expectations within the business, consumer and financial services sectors.

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The Secret Power of Moving Money with ACH Payment Processing

The Automated Clearing House or ACH is a network that banks use to electronically process payments. ACH payments processing involves tens of billions of transactions. These transactions totaled a monetary value of $36.9 trillion in 2012. The National Automated Clearing House Association and the Federal Reserve both oversee this extremely important money exchange system that handles large volumes of debit and credit transactions in batches.

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FTNI at IASA 2014 Post Show Wrap-Up

Thanks to Everyone at IASA 2014 for a Great Show

FNTI is excited to report that the 2014 IASA Annual Educational Conference and Business Show was a great success! Many thanks to everyone who participated in our GoPro HD Hero3 contest, and who stopped by the booth for a visit to see ETran in action.

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What’s Behind the Latest Data on Mobile?

In today’s connected world, there is no escaping technology. It is literally everywhere you turn and plays a role in nearly every aspect of our daily lives. This means our customers are definitely connected and entrenched in digital technology. Given that, the next question that comes to mind is … are our businesses keeping that same pace?

It seems like several businesses we run across are trying to catch up – especially when it comes to mobile. But, the data on mobile usage is overwhelming and is becoming the new “norm” for conducting business. That means we need to start preparing and embracing mobile technologies to stay in lock step with our customers, get ahead of competitors and be operating at the highest level of efficiency for our internal staff.

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Mobile Payments Move from Trend to Reality

Earlier this year, and for the first time, mobile devices and apps overcame PC access for U.S. Internet usage – accounting for 55% of all traffic. Even though it was the first time, it likely will be the new norm. No longer is the question, “When do I need to prepare for mobile payments?” It is now, “How am I prepared for mobile payments?”

This means that most companies need to be mindful of how mobile payments will impact their business strategies and their customers. Maybe even more importantly, you should be crafting a clear and specific strategy for taking advantage of this new payment paradigm to increase loyalty, add customer convenience, grow lifetime value and streamline their operations.

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FTNI Hopes to Help IRI Ops and Tech Attendees find Solutions

The Insured Retirement Institute (IRI) Operations and Technology conference is just around the corner. IRI Ops and Tech 2014 is taking place in Kissimmee, FL on May 19th-21st. Professionals from around the country will be coming together to discuss operational innovations and challenges in the insured retirement industry.

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Let’s Talk Payment Solutions with ALFA Attendees

The Assisted Living Federation of American (ALFA) Conference and Expo, 2014, is here! The conference and exposition is taking place May 19-22 in Phoenix, AZ, to bring together thousands of senior living professionals to talk about executive education, networking, problem solving and idea development.

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Are Collections Causing You Consternation?

The collections process can be tricky for any company, but especially for distribution companies who deal with large volumes of customers and deliveries on a daily to weekly basis. You need customers to be current in order to protect your revenue flow and keep your operations moving smoothly, but you must also be careful not to damage the personal relationship you’ve formed with your customers.

The good news is that there are new ways to not only make your collections efforts easier, but to help you improve cash flow and simplify your administration all at the same time. The same technology can be employed whether you operate on a payment due upon delivery basis or a monthly billing basis.

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