Let’s Talk Payment Solutions with ALFA Attendees

Written by: Colby Ring

May 19, 2014

The Assisted Living Federation of American (ALFA) Conference and Expo, 2014, is here! The conference and exposition is taking place May 19-22 in Phoenix, AZ, to bring together thousands of senior living professionals to talk about executive education, networking, problem solving and idea development.

This year’s ALFA 2014 Conference has nine key topics:

  • Resident & Family Engagement
  • Clinical & Wellness
  • Technology Adoption
  • Risk Management & Injury Reduction
  • Sales & Marketing
  • HR and Staff Development
  • Physical Plant & Environmental
  • Dining Services
  • Finance and Business Growth Strategies

If you are attending the conference, you likely already have a pulse on this. However, what you may not know is that FTNI has solutions to simplify and streamline your business’s or organization’s payment processing needs. In addition, we can help you with technology adoption, and using technology to improve your financial and business growth strategies.

For instance, our award-winning payment processing platform, ETran, offers an easy, flexible way of receiving payments. ETran supports any payment type including recurring credit card and ACH payments, check scanning, and remote deposit capture (RDC). We also offer your clients more traditional methods such as call-in, walk-in, phone-in, and web payments; helping you expand the number of payment types you accept while consolidating payments into one, user-friendly system. Simply, this means you can add convenience for clients while improving cash flow.

The Etran platform is more than just a payment gateway, FTNI offers convenient invoicing using this same system as well. Through our convenient electronic invoicing system, your clients use the same Etran payment gateway to pay directly from their invoice. You can also automate your invoicing processes, check updates on the status of your invoices, and have them automatically reconciled though a single accounts receivables system. Our platform allows you to set-up rules for processing payments, so you are always in control of payments, each of which can be tracked in real time.

FTNI understands that you are in the business of providing people with quality of life care. You are more than just a business or organization, you are part of your client’s family, and exected to be partners with them in caring for real people. FTNI is more than just a payment processing software company, we are also partners with our clients to improve business operations, speed cash flow, and improve the client experience overall.

To get a better idea of all FTNI offers in making your payment processes easier for you and your clients, take a look at our online demo or contact us. FTNI can help simplify your business operations while improving the client experience. Contacting us is the first step to a simplified payment processing system and increased cash flow.

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