Content Round-Up. Integrated Receivables, Mobile Payments and More.

Written by: Zac Robinson

December 31, 2014

It was a busy but productive 2014 at FTNI. We know that many of you were equally busy and may have missed some of the content we produced throughout the year. So, we thought we’d take the opportunity to create a round-up of all the content created for your easy perusal.

We hope you found these blogs, infographic, eBooks and product Information informative and useful as you continued to learn more about integrated receivables and straight-through processing. We look forward to providing you with even more great content in the 2015!

Here’s a quick round-up of all the new content from 2014:


5 Ways to Unlock the Power of B2B Mobile Payments

The Ever-Changing Face of Payments: Trends and the Future

Mobile, ePayments and Transaction Security Top-of-Mind at AFP 2014

Analyzing and Selecting E-invoicing Solutions

Overview of Integrated Payment Processing … and Why You Should Care

8 Corporate Money Tips & Tricks to Get You Paid

How Simple Email Receipts Can Drive More Revenue and Business

Will Mobile Payments Overtake Credit and Debit? What Your Business Needs to Know.

How to Save Money & Speed Cash Flow with Web-Based Invoicing

The Secret Power of Moving Money with ACH Payment Processing

FTNI at IASA 2014 Post Show Wrap-Up

FTNI at 2014 IASA Annual Educational Conference and Business Show

What’s Behind the Latest Data on Mobile?

Mobile Payments Move from Trend to Reality

FTNI Hopes to Help IRI Ops and Tech Attendees Find Solutions

Let’s Talk Payment Solutions with ALFA Attendees

Are Collections Causing You Consternation?

Streamlining Operations for Distribution Companies: How Smart Payment Technology Can Improve Your Business

The Benefits of Remote Item Review

How to Increase Donations through Enhanced Payments Technology

Growing Your Donor Base without Outgrowing Your Receivables Solution


The Ever Changing Face of Payments Infographic

The face of payments is becoming ever more complex. Our newest infographic details the latest trends and predictions for the future of checks, fraud and mobile remittance.


Free Educational eBooks

Web Payments eBook — Our Web Payments eBook gives businesses key criteria that should be considered as they evaluate solutions to offer customers the convenience of online payments.

Mobile eBook — Learn 5 essential tips to help prepare your business for adopting mobile payments, including the key criteria that are essential to the strategic planning and decisioning process around benefits from the mobile payments paradigm.

Distribution eBook  This eBook can help you find and maintain competitive advantage by outlining 8 real-world, actionable tips to help distribution companies enhance operations by leveraging technology, systems and processes.

Media & Broadcasting eBook — Learn 7 actionable tips to help your media and broadcasting company speed cash flow and reduce costs while improving service levels for end customers and advertisers alike.

Nonprofit eBook — Learn 7 real-world tips to help streamline your nonprofit operations, in turn reducing costs and increasing both the number of donors, as well as the amount of donations you receive.

Insurance eBook — This is the perfect resource for insurance providers looking to gain efficiencies, reduce costs and improve customer service by leveraging ePayments and online payment systems.

Product Materials

EBPP Success Story  Find out how this distribution and fulfillment company automated their invoice presentment and payment system to speed receivables and reduce their collection efforts.

ETran Data Sheet  Find out how ETran’s powerful payment processing and receivables management system can help you grow your business.

ETran Mobile Data Sheet Get paid faster, improve transaction security and innovate the customer experience with ETran Mobile.

Thank You and Happy New Year from FTNI!

We greatly appreciate your interest in FTNI and look forward to providing you more useful content in 2015. If we can be of any assistance, or if there is anything you would like to see us feature next year, please contact us.

Originally Published December 31, 2014.

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