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Zac Robinson joined FTNI in 2014. As the Vice President of Sales & Marketing, he is responsible for leading FTNI’s marketing, lead generation, and business development efforts. Prior to joining FTNI, Mr. Robinson spent eight years in the corporate marketing department at CSG International, most recently as Sr. Manager, Corporate & Digital Marketing. In this role, Mr. Robinson founded CSG’s global digital marketing practice. He was responsible for working cross-functionally with CSG senior executives to launch the company’s social media and blogging strategies, as well as orchestrating CSG’s lead management process across four international regions. Robinson began his career with Prairie Voice Services (purchased by CSG in 2007) where he managed lead generation and qualification, ultimately assuming marketing leadership responsibilities within the CSG corporate marketing team for the newly-acquired line of business post-acquisition. Robinson received his B.S. in Journalism, Public Relations and Advertising from the University of Nebraska Omaha (UNO). He was also a member of the UNO Men’s Basketball team, earning academic all-conference honors twice during his career and remains the program’s all-time leading three point shooter.
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A Checklist for Identifying and Selecting True Integrated Receivables Solutions

2015 B2B ecommerce sales in the US are expected to exceed $780 billion1—twice as much as B2C ecommerce sales—and that number is only going to continue to rise. That’s a big opportunity. Are you ready for it?

Chances are, you’re not. About 70 percent of U.S. organizations are struggling to convert to electronic payments; 70 percent also do not have a standard format for remittance information2. In short, companies don’t have a complete solution—they’re using multiple legacy platforms to handle different payment types (like check, ACH, CC, cash) and different payment channels (mailed-in, called-in, in-person, online, mobile).

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Leveraging RDC to Prepare for the Future and Optimize the Present

Checks may not be the next new thing—in fact, check use is on the decline—but believe it or not, remote deposit capture (RDC) can help you drive strategic integration and streamline receivables processes within your organization.

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Donation Processing Success Story to be Showcased at Nonprofit Technology Conference

NTEN’s 2015 Nonprofit Technology Conference Brings Nonprofits and Providers Together to Explore How Technology Impacts Organizational Effectiveness in the Nonprofit Sector

The nonprofit sector has been growing steadily over the past decade as new charities, foundations and causes are popping up to serve growing segments of the population, including the aging, under-privileged and lower income groups.

According to the Urban Institute, nonprofits out-paced for-profit businesses in their percentage growth in hiring, wages and contribution to the gross domestic product (GDP). Not putting aside their altruistic missions and dedicated volunteers, that means there’s plenty of reason to pay close attention to this influential industry segment. But with rapid industry growth comes a host of growing pains, many of which impact nearly every size and type of nonprofit organization.

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Content Round-Up. Integrated Receivables, Mobile Payments and More.

It was a busy but productive 2014 at FTNI. We know that many of you were equally busy and may have missed some of the content we produced throughout the year. So, we thought we’d take the opportunity to create a round-up of all the content created for your easy perusal.

We hope you found these blogs, infographic, eBooks and product Information informative and useful as you continued to learn more about integrated receivables and straight-through processing. We look forward to providing you with even more great content in the 2015!

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5 Ways to Unlock the Power of B2B Mobile Payments

Let’s face it, the traditional processes surrounding the processing and management of business-to-business accounts receivable are slow, inefficient and expensive. But both times and technology are changing, giving businesses an opportunity to revamp their processes to be more effective and efficient than ever before.

With consumer reliance on mobile technology growing by the day, combined with increased mobile adoption by businesses, mobile is the next great wave of payment technology adoption for traditional business receivables. By 2016, business mobile usage is expected to be 13 times greater than it is today.

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The Ever-Changing Face of Payments

As we take a look at recent trends, data and what we are seeing with our own customers, a few things are certain. As the payments landscape changes, we see more payment types and channels being added but not many (if any) being phased out. This translates into increased complexity of payments processing for businesses today and into the future.

Checks Remain Strong but Move toward Electronic Imaging

For example, checks are still in wide use and are not going away as many had predicted in the past. The volume of checks is lower than other payment types, but businesses are still relying on them for both accounts payable and receivables. However, trends show consumers are adopting new methods to enhance the way these checks are processed. Nearly one in six checks are now deposited as an electronic image rather than paper and we expect this trend to continue growing significantly in the future.

Fraud Continues to be a Concern

One of the reasons that businesses and consumers still rely on checks could have to do with fraud concerns. Fraudulent transactions accounted for $6.1 billion in value, representing 31.1 million unauthorized transactions in 2012. Of this amount, card fraud substantially outpaced both check and ACH fraud rates, representing 92% of all unauthorized transactions. That clearly poses a concern for businesses who want to provide convenience to their customers but avoid fraud loss. Businesses must continue to focus on security, such as providing end-to-end encryption to ensure the transaction is secure from initiation to posting through to reconciliation. This becomes even more important with the imminent proliferation of mobile payments.

Mobile Payments Abound

Mobile payments are on their way to becoming the new norm. In North America, mobile transactions accounted for nearly one-fifth of all transactions last year, making up approximately $37 billion in volume. Both businesses and consumers alike are embracing the mobile trend and increasingly leveraging mobile remote deposit capture (mRDC), in addition to credit card and ACH-facilitated mobile payments, for more traditional payment remittances. More than one in eight Americans have used their mobile devices to deposit checks. Furthermore, of the 17% of checks paid as electronic images in 2012, 93% of them came from business customers.

No doubt, smartphone payment usage will only continue to increase as the number of smartphone users is anticipated to be nearly 160 million by 2014 in the U.S. alone. mRDC will likely be the next big wave of growth in mobile payments, with 48 million smartphone users expected to use mobile deposit features by 2016. This could provide significant cost and time advantages to businesses who embrace this trend.

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Mobile, ePayments and Transaction Security Top-of-Mind at AFP 2014

We’re back from Washington D.C. after the 2014 AFP Annual Conference—what a show! Many thanks to everyone who attended the event, and especially those who took time out of their busy on-site schedules to visit the expo floor.

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Analyzing and Selecting E-invoicing Solutions

Paper is passé. Savvy business people understand that paper pushing is inefficient and expensive. They are also coming to realize the myriad of benefits that result from electronic accounts receivable operations. A number of case studies have shown e-invoicing can lead to savings of as much as 80% in invoice processing costs.

You don’t have to be a genius to figure out what an up to 80% reduction in your invoice processing costs can do for your bottom line. Savings like that make it obvious why so many businesses today are investing in innovative e-invoicing solutions.

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