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FTNI News: Talking Electronic Payments & Integrated Receivables with Midlands Business Journal

Electronic payments continue to be a key focus for both B2C and B2B organizations as companies look to evolve their...

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Moving Beyond Silos for A/R Management

Originally published on PYMNTS.com on 4/1/2016. In managing accounts receivables, corporate banking has been marked by...

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Making A/R Silos a Thing of the Past

Originally published on PYMNTS.com on 1/4/2016  The movement toward electronic payments is an inexorable one, and even...

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End Inefficiences

Put an End to A/R Inefficiencies with True Integrated Receivables

Originally published in the "Payments at the Edge" eBook, a 2016 PYMNTS.com Report. The time-tested routine of invoice...

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True IR Honeycomb

A Checklist for Identifying and Selecting True Integrated Receivables Solutions

2015 B2B ecommerce sales in the US are expected to exceed $780 billion1—twice as much as B2C ecommerce sales—and that...

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Cost of Inaction

The Growing Need for True Integrated Receivables Solutions

Believe it or not, people (and companies) are still using checks to pay their bills. In fact, in 2014, 93 percent of...

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