From the Front Lines: Three Steps to Achieving Straight Through Processing, Leveraging RDC, EIPP & Recurring Payments

Remote deposit capture (RDC) of checks has many benefits—not least, reducing the manual labor required for processing,...

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Fintech Investments Signal Ongoing Evolution Among Banks; Still Fall Short of Delivering Holistic Receivables Solutions

Lately, banks have been taking some noteworthy strides to innovate in the AR space by investing in new fintech...

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Multiple Industries

Adoption of Truly Integrated Receivables Solutions Grows Across Multiple Industries

Each day brings new announcements and news from the ever-changing world of payment technology. With so much new...

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Transforming Insurance A/R Operations with Truly Integrated Receivables Solutions

 If you’re an insurance company, your customers probably want to do everything online, from making claims to paying...

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IR Defined

True Integrated Receivables—Defined. How to Separate Truly Integrated from Dashboard.

We’re delighted to see that the topic of integrated receivables is receiving more attention from the industry these...

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In the News

FTNI News: A Guide to Remote Deposit Capture Solutions

  Originally published on on 3/30/17.   There is no one set of criteria for businesses to use...

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