Recent Fintech Investments Signal Ongoing Evolution Among Banks; Still Fall Short of Delivering Holistic Receivables Processing Solutions

Lately, banks have been taking some noteworthy strides to innovate in the AR space by investing in new fintech technology. It’s exciting to see, and we hope it’s a sign of things to come—but although this is a positive sign for future collaboration between banks and fintechs, these recent investments and partnerships still don’t go far enough. 

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Adoption of Truly Integrated Receivables Solutions Grows Across Multiple Industries

Each day brings new announcements and news from the ever-changing world of payment technology. With so much new information coming at you each day, it’s easy to miss topics that may be valuable to you. So we thought now was as good a time as any to take few minutes to catch you up on some of the most recent news from FTNI.

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Transforming Insurance A/R Operations with Truly Integrated Receivables Solutions

 If you’re an insurance company, your customers probably want to do everything online, from making claims to paying bills. Like the banking and healthcare industries, today’s insurance providers find themselves providing their customers with a bevy of different payment methods and channels—everything from ACH and pay by phone to online and mobile solutions.

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True Integrated Receivables—Defined. How to Separate Truly Integrated Solutions from Dashboards.

We’re delighted to see that the topic of integrated receivables is receiving more attention from the industry these days, and as an early “preacher” of the benefits truly integrated platforms can deliver, we’re excited more companies are taking notice. But as the conversation continues to intensify surrounding these solutions, we can’t help but notice that there is a growing number of technology providers happy to say that they can provide integrated receivables solutions. But talking the talk is much different than actually walking the walk.

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FTNI In the News: A Guide to Remote Deposit Capture Solutions

Originally published on on 3/30/17.
There is no one set of criteria for businesses to use in assessing remote deposit capture. In this, the first in a series of articles, we offer key considerations and guidance for businesses interested in RDC solutions.
What are businesses looking for from RDC solutions? It depends on who you ask.
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FTNI In the News: New Partnership Brings AR Automation to Horicon Bank Clients

Originally published on on 2/22/17.

Horicon Bank and Financial Transmission Network, better known as FTNI, are partnering up to help streamline the accounts receivable process for corporates.

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FTNI In the News: Talking Electronic Payments and Integrated Receivables with Midlands Business Journal

Electronic payments continue to be a key focus for both B2C and B2B organizations as companies look to evolve their payment processing and accounts receivables capabilities—and supporting technology—to keep up with rapidly-changing customer payment preferences.

Recently, our Director of Sales & Marketing, Zac Robinson, sat down with the Midlands Business Journal to discuss the ongoing evolution of electronic payment technologies and the value of companies moving to a truly integrated approach that allows them to accept, process and post any payment method, from any payment channel; all from a single platform.

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Moving Beyond Silos for AR Management

Originally published on on 4/1/2016.

In managing accounts receivables, corporate banking has been marked by inefficient processes and a “silo mentality.” FTNI, in a recent e-Book, offered up a roadmap toward embracing the cloud to eliminate isolated systems and processes.

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Making AR Silos a Thing of the Past

Originally published on on 1/4/2016 

The movement toward electronic payments is an inexorable one, and even though it’s a foregone conclusion that technology lights the path toward speedier and more secure transactions, companies still lack a comprehensive way to track, and optimize, accounts receivable movements. 

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Put an End to AR Inefficiencies with True Integrated Receivables

Originally published in the "Payments at the Edge" eBook, a 2016 Report.

The time-tested routine of invoice and check within traditional B2B accounts receivables (AR) processes has officially been disrupted as the world races towards electronic payments.

Disrupted, yes. Dying, perhaps. But not dead. In fact, 93 percent of checks deposited as images in 2014 came from business customers.1 The ability to efficiently and cost-effectively manage check payments is still—and will continue to be—the foundation of a successful B2B AR organization.

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