How Integrated Receivables Solutions Help Accounts Receivables Operations Thrive in a Time of Hyper Disruption and Social Distancing

These are truly unprecedented times.

Things that were our collective 'normal' only matter of weeks ago, now seem like distant memories.

Businesses, educational systems, entire governments—our routine daily lives—have all been disrupted by an invisible force that virtually none of us could've ever been completely prepared for.

But in the words of Albert Einstein,

"In the middle of every difficulty, lies opportunity."

We are very much in the middle of a time of great difficulty. But there is no doubt that out of this difficulty will come innovation. Innovation bread from times that force us all to look at how we do business, how we educate, how we govern, how we live; and make the improvements that we may not have otherwise made. It is how we evolve. It is how we move forward.

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A Distributor's Commitment to Doing ‘Whatever it Takes’ Improves Accounts Receivables Efficiencies and Customer Service

Tankersley Foodservice is committed to doing “Whatever it Takes” for customers. That includes offering an array of payment options and assurances that payments get posted to accounts quickly and efficiently within their back-office system. By implementing an integrated receivables solution, Tankersley has been able to stay true to that mission while driving significant internal efficiencies.

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Industry Data Illustrates an Evolving B2B Payment Landscape and the Escalating Need for Integrated Receivables Solutions

The old saying goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

This saying may be true for more than just a few things in life—your refrigerator, your car, your coffee maker, etc.—but your company’s accounts receivables operations (and the technology that supports it) isn’t one of them.

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FTNI In the News: A Guide to Remote Deposit Capture Solutions

Originally published on on 3/30/17.
There is no one set of criteria for businesses to use in assessing remote deposit capture. In this, the first in a series of articles, we offer key considerations and guidance for businesses interested in RDC solutions.
What are businesses looking for from RDC solutions? It depends on who you ask.
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FTNI In the News: New Partnership Brings AR Automation to Horicon Bank Clients

Originally published on on 2/22/17.

Horicon Bank and Financial Transmission Network, better known as FTNI, are partnering up to help streamline the accounts receivable process for corporates.

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Making AR Silos a Thing of the Past

Originally published on on 1/4/2016 

The movement toward electronic payments is an inexorable one, and even though it’s a foregone conclusion that technology lights the path toward speedier and more secure transactions, companies still lack a comprehensive way to track, and optimize, accounts receivable movements. 

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The Growing Need for True Integrated Receivables Solutions

Believe it or not, people (and companies) are still using checks to pay their bills. In fact, in 2014, 93 percent of checks deposited as images came from business customers.¹

The time-tested routine of invoice and check within traditional accounts receivables (AR) processes has officially been disrupted as the world races towards electronic payments. Disrupted, yes. Dying, perhaps. But not dead.

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Simplifying Receivables in the Cloud: 2 Real-World Examples

US companies are wasting $1 billion each year because their receivables and payment processing systems are siloed and overly complex. It’s a grim picture, and it’s not improving nearly as fast as it could be. In the burgeoning digital age, consumers have come to expect rapid, personalized experiences in every aspect of their lives, from ordering groceries online to paying their bills. Companies, wanting to delight their customers, have responded by adding disparate platforms and capabilities to their accounts receivables (A/R) systems: ACH, pay-by-phone, online payments, you name it.

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Independence Bank On-Boards its 100th Merchant Customer using FTNI’s ETran platform

FTNI’s cloud-based Receivables Processing Platform allows easy setup, deployment & support

OMAHA, Neb.  – November 8, 2011 - Independence Bank, headquartered in East Greenwich, Rhode Island announced today that it has on-boarded its 100th customer using FTNI’s ETran Receivables Management Platform.  Independence Bank was an early leader in offering Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) services to its clients, having brought on its first customer in 2004 under its Cool Deposit brand.  Today, it provides RDC, ACH and credit card services to over 100 merchant customers in a variety of verticals including the medical billing, energy, legal and healthcare industries.

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Home State Bank chooses ETran by FTNI for Remote Deposit Capture

Omaha, Neb. March 8, 2011 – Home State Bank has served the financial needs of Larimer County, Colorado for over 60 years.  While a complete menu of banking services and excellent customer service has enabled them to become the largest locally owned bank in the region, Home State Bank was looking to expand its payment offerings to its corporate clients through remote deposit capture, which would allow them to continue to expand their corporate customer base. 

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