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Transforming Lockbox Processing with True Integrated Receivables

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Whether you’re running an internal lockbox operation, outsourcing it to your bank or another third-party provider, or if you are a bank or third-party lockbox provider, it’s time to take a fresh look at the underlying platform powering your receivables processing operations.

This new eBook will help you identify some of the key challenges legacy lockbox processing technologies are forcing banks, corporations and third-party lockbox vendors to address in a fast-evolving payments landscape and showcase how a truly integrated receivables platform will help you get a better grasp on not only your lockbox processing operations, but all accounts receivables operations across your entire enterprise—on a single platform. Learn More

Technology eBooks

True Integrated Receivables







Discover a checklist for identifying and selecting a truly integrated receivables platform to best meet your company's needs. Learn More  

Integrated Receivables for Banks


Learn how truly integrated receivables solutions are helping Banks evolve their cash and treasury management solution sets to meet the ever-evolving needs of their corporate clients. Learn More 

Remote Deposit Capture

Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) | eBook

Learn how advanced remote deposit capture (RDC) technology can streamline AR processes and deliver true straight-through processing. Learn More 

Mobile Payments

Mobile Payments | eBook






Ready to add mobile payments to your receivables mix? Our Mobile Payments eBook will help guide you as you look to implement mobile payment technology for your organization. Learn More 

Online Payments

Online Payments | eBook

From electronic invoice presentment and payment capabilities, to the ability to accept one-time and recurring payments and much more, this eBook will help you navigate how best to leverage online payments for your business. Learn More 

Online Payments Security

Online Payments Security and Compliance | eBook






Our Online Payments Security eBook provides actionable tips to businesses who are ready to move their customers and payment transactions online, but are unsure of the security steps necessary and key pitfalls to avoid. Learn More

Industry eBooks

Insurance Providers

Insurance eBook 2017-TN
Learn three key steps for consolidating siloed receivables systems and operations onto a single, truly integrated platform. 
Learn More

Distribution & Fulfillment

Distribution Receivables Processing eBook | FTNI






This eBook is filled with actionable, real-world tips to help Distribution and Fulfillment companies streamline receivables operations and keep business moving forward faster. Learn More

Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit Donation Processing eBook | FTNI






Discover actionable tips for how you can streamline donation processing, accelerate cash flow, and reduce operational costs. Learn More

Waste Services

Waste Services | eBook

Learn five steps waste services companies can take to make integrated receivables and straight-through processing a reality for their AR organization.
Learn More 

Media & Broadcasting

Media and Broadcasting | eBook






Don’t miss this valuable eBook on how Media and Broadcasting companies can speed cash flow and reduce costs with truly integrated receivables solutions spanning all payment methods and channels. Learn More

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