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FTNI News: What's the most interesting company in the Silicon Prairie? The answer may surprise you.

Originally published on SiliconPrairieNews.com on 11/28/2018. Financial Transmission Network, Inc. (called FTNI) is an...

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On Banks and FinTechs; A Partnership Manifesto

If there is one thing we have learned over the history of our business, it is that no two businesses’ accounts...

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Win Win

True Integrated Receivables—A Win-Win-Win for Banks, Corporate Customers and FinTechs

For a growing number of banks, the accelerating demand for integrated receivables solutions, and the vast operational...

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Holy Grail

The Journey to Attaining the “Holy Grail” of A/R – Straight Through Processing

Many people want to achieve 'straight-through processing' (STP), but what does that really mean? As we’ve pointed out...

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Breaking the Bank

Breaking the Bank: How to Eliminate Siloed Systems & Deliver Holistic, Truly Integrated Receivables Solutions

For many corporations (and banks), integrated receivables isn’t simply a buzz word any longer—it’s become a reality...

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A Look Back

A Look Back at 2017; Growth, Partnerships & Setting the Standard for Integrated Receivables

2017 was another successful year for our team here at FTNI, with record sales growth fueling the expansion of both our...

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