True IR Honeycomb

A Checklist for Identifying and Selecting True Integrated Receivables Solutions

2015 B2B ecommerce sales in the US are expected to exceed $780 billion1—twice as much as B2C ecommerce sales—and that...

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Cost of Inaction

The Growing Need for True Integrated Receivables Solutions

Believe it or not, people (and companies) are still using checks to pay their bills. In fact, in 2014, 93 percent of...

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In the Cloud

In the Cloud, A/R is a Business Driver, Not Just a Cost Center

Originally published in Financial Operations magazine, Spring 2015 issue. These days, when it comes to accounts...

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Leveraging RDC

Leveraging RDC to Smooth The Path to Straight Through Processing

Originally published in Payments Business Magazine (May/June 2015 Issue) Integrated Systems Lead to Faster...

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Simplifying Receivables in the Cloud: 2 Real-World Examples

US companies are wasting $1 billion each year because their receivables and payment processing systems are siloed and...

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Cloud Dollar Sign

Moving Payments to the Cloud

Today’s growing portfolio of payment channels continues to add new levels of complexity to payment processing—often...

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