Fin + Tech

Fin + Tech | Partnership Models for Financial Institutions to Deliver Truly Integrated Receivables Solutions

There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to accounts receivables (A/R) operations; largely because no two...

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New Years Blog_Optimized

3 New Year’s Resolutions for Your A/R Operations in 2021

Unfortunately, the odds are stacked against most people who intend on making and keeping a New Year’s resolution each...

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5 Choices

5 Things True Integrated Receivables Is, and 5 Things It Isn't

Over the last decade, “Integrated Receivables” has generated quite a bit of buzz, not only in the Fintech landscape,...

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Modernize Your A/R

4 Ways to Modernize Your A/R Operations Right Now

The digital revolution is impacting virtually every industry across the board, and the way payments are made, managed,...

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Social Distancing

How Integrated Receivables Solutions Help A/R Operations Thrive in a Time of Hyper Disruption

These are truly unprecedented times. Things that were our collective 'normal' only matter of weeks ago, now seem like...

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Time to Adapt

Integrated Receivables: Six Tips to Help Your A/R Operations Adapt and Evolve

What Charles Darwin had to say about the evolution of species applies to business enterprises as well: adaptability is...

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